Our Technologies

We are creative people with The Digital Agency

We provide our clients with a wide range of technology and business enterprise services, ranging from server-related issues, to other aspects of modern IT, including IT security and hosting / cloud services. Whatever your specific needs may be, our dedicated team of professionals will ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your products and reap the maximum possible benefits from them.


We enable you to take advantage of Microsoft's integrated capabilities. We can help you develop business-driven applications that include business integration, SOA, data analytics, and web-based applications.

Multiple Domains With .NET Core

.NET Core gives you consistency across all architectures by running your code with the same behavior. Be it gaming, IoT, mobile, or AI – we can help you develop high-performing, secure, cost-effective, and flexible applications in any domain with .NET Core.

Enterprise Web Applications with ASP.NET

ASP.NET is a framework for building web applications and services using .NET and C #. ASP.NET allows you to build large and complex applications by reducing the amount of code required. This reduces application development time and costs.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Take advantage of the cloud through hybrid cloud-based solutions with Microsoft Azure. We can help you migrate your solution to the cloud, enabling you with on-demand and secure resources of Azure. Scale according to your needs and improve business acumen.

Business Analytics Service Using Power BI

Leveraging Microsoft Power BI, we enable businesses to develop interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities through simple and intuitive interfaces. Enrich your business as well as end-users with custom reports and dashboards powered by insightful data.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

By leveraging UWP API, we help you create universal apps that run on Windows 10 compatible devices without the need to be re-written for each. As the name suggests, the Universal Windows Platform allows you to create apps that run on multiple types of devices.

Business Intelligence with SQL Server

Our expertise with Microsoft data platforms can empower you with real-time data for improved decision-making. Our Microsoft capabilities can help in uniting several disparate information sources and create reports from across varied systems and databases.

Highly Responsive Applications with Cosmos DB

We help you develop highly responsive and highly available applications on Cosmos DB using the popular open source software APIs. Experience low latency, high throughput, real-time responses, and tunable consistency with this multi-model, NoSQL database service.


Antilia's open source team provides innovative solutions using open source technologies. Our team has extensive experience in developing user-friendly, scalable and secure solutions using PHP, Angular.JS, React.JS, Node.JS, Vue.JS, WordPress, and many other open source technologies. We empower organizations like yours with high performance and dynamic applications tailored to your business needs.

Web Programming

We help you create your dream web project with the right open source programming language and resources. We specialize in Python, Node, PHP and Go

Open Source Frameworks

We use open-source frameworks to speed up your web, mobile and desktop application development process. Our development strategy ensures that your application is fast and responsive. We use Django, Laravel, spring and Express Js frameworks for development

Front-end Technologies

Leveraging front-end technologies, we help you develop your digital estate quickly and efficiently, thus delivering a seamless and engaging experience to your users. We are well experts in Angular.JS, React.JS and Vue.JS

Tools and Resources

By integrating a wide range of open-source message-broker software, container tools, and workflow orchestration tools, we help you build scalable architectures for your applications. We are well versed in RabbitMQ, Cafka, Docker and Kubernetes


Antilia helps your business to take advantage of leading mobile technologies. We build enterprise mobility solutions with role-based interfaces using measurable and secure technologies that can integrate with your back-end business logic and data services. Our technical capability allows us to strengthen your application with AI and other cognitive services.

Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

We help you develop powerful cross-platform mobile applications that facilitate efficient code sharing across iOS, Android and the web using React native and Flutter frameworks, without compromising on app quality and end-user experience.

Native iOS Applications

Leveraging in-house MVCs using the Cocoa Touch Framework, we help you develop native iOS applications written in Swift, typically using the XCode IDE. Building native iOS apps in Swift is ideal for projects with complex infrastructure.

Native Android Applications

We help you develop native Android applications leveraging Android Studio IDE, in-house MVCs, and RESTful APIs. By customizing the user interface and using additional widgets, we enable our customers to deliver unique user experiences.

Database/ Local Storage

Depending on the requirements of the application, we use any of these databases/ local storages/ abstraction layers – Redux, SQLite, JSON, Realm Database, Firebase, Coredata, p-list, XML, and ROOM.